Monday, May 10, 2010

Open the Last Gate and Wake up!!

Jump up. Lively up. Free up. Start up. Express up.

Turning 60 was a big turning point for me. It was inescapable, I was indeed one of the older generation. Coming from a generation that made a cult of youth veneration, this was a tough awakening. How could I blame the 'old' people? How do I feel young when my body has aches and pain? How can I look for a soulmate when my pictures are still 30 years old?  How do I find right home when I don't  have to commute?  In other words, how do I live my maximum life now that forty years have passed and old dreams are bubbling up?

Facing this phase of life with clear seeing and honesty and optimism and joy is a new challenge. Perhaps more challenging than the 'career' phase. Then primal needs were forefront; making money, building professional reputation, healing neuroses and buying a home and luxury car. For some marrying and raising a family.  For others traveling the world. Perhaps seeking enlightenment or at least self-acceptance. There is more to life than the job and so many of us don't know how to begin again.  Or as I say, refire.  Now what?

Is it about playing more tennis and traveling every month? Another common strategy is to come back to the job as a consultant. Learn to play guitar? Start the business? Work on that long forgotten art? Volunteer for the good cause and make a difference?

Questions such as these are vexing and common. Shifting into the 3rd Chapter, as one writer calls it, is an opportunity to at last Live that long forgotten dream. Other facets of ourselves long have been suppressed by the exigencies and practical aspects of life.  Now, we can truly liberate ourselves and experience authentic happiness in our final act. Not the retirement of our parents or grandparents, just as our kids are not like we were. Contrary to our generation the younger ones are watching and listening and learning from the older generation, us. We have had an exciting time for the last forty years, let's make the next phase our crowning glory. Let's LIVE the DREAM DEFERRED. As was once said, 'time has come today.'

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  1. Refire, Rhino, refire. Ptah, the mighty potter, spins us and shapes us. The oven of life -- our experiences and dares in the world -- fire and refire us again and again. What are we shaped and fired up to share?